This one thing gives you all the power you need over your life and your career!

Sara Kolata
2 min readFeb 24, 2021


Did you know that choice is our greatest privilege in life? When you have a choice, you are free and, your ability to choose has the power to direct your life in any direction you might want to go to.


You can choose what to do with your education, you can choose where to work, how to serve and in which exact way to add value.

Without choice, we are much more limited in what we can do or achieve and our choices are diminished with each disadvantage we have.

Tune in to my new podcast and listen to the moment that made me recognize my ability to choose and which impact had on my professional life.

When we are deprived of choice we are controlled, we are trapped.

Saying that you choose to do something implies freedom, control over your own life, and strength of character.

I think we need to understand that Architects are sometimes forced into certain choices because of believing that there is only one way to “make it”.

But is there?

If we can choose something, then that is a highly prized privilege.

If you are in a position to choose then consider your options, choose wisely and choose compassionately.

What is the right thing to do with the value of the gift to choose?

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