How to step out of your current mentality and learn to see the world differently.

Sara Kolata
2 min readMar 12, 2021

The recent pandemic brought uncertainty and pushed us towards asking: What’s next?

Balancing home life with stressful work challenges, not knowing where our next clients come from or whether or not our projects will continue being built or simply be put on hold, together with our pay.

All those questions might seem too stressful to leave any room for asking the real question:

How are you going to make an impact, when you are worried about your survival?

The fear of uncertainty is not new to our modern world and is an evolutionary response that mankind has developed over the millennia. The reason for this fear of uncertainty that we have developed is simple: uncertainty brings the potential for unseen danger. When you don’t know exactly what the future holds in store, it creates the possibility in your mind for the future to hold all sorts of undesirable results.

However, an uncertain future is not inherently one fraught with dangers; it’s simply one that you can’t always predict. Understanding that uncertainty does not always equate to negative outcomes no matter how risky it might feel is the first step to overcoming uncertainty and using it to your advantage.

Uncertainty can lead you to question your strategy and the trajectory of your goals.

Questioning yourself may have a negative connotation, but it’s often the best way to identify potential pitfalls that may have otherwise flown under the radar. Obvious uncertainty in the world is also a poignant reminder of the fact that uncertainty always exists. No matter how comfortable you get or how certain things might seem, uncertainty always lurks in the shadows.

When uncertainty steps out into the light and makes itself known, it can serve as an eye-opening experience that reminds you to always plan for uncertainty no matter how certain things might seem.

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