Architecture and Beyond.

Sara Kolata
2 min readMar 10, 2021


Which is our scope as Architects? What can I do with an Architecture degree? It is possible to use our architectural skills beyond the scope of designing a building? To display the extents of architectural thinking in other applications? To recognize the skills to become multifaceted professionals?

The skills you learn as an Architect, such as being sensitive to space and being able to understand the cultural and social demands of a place, can be used in quite interesting ways.

This is to accept that design solutions don’t have to be limited to material exploration or an innovative structural study, but instead, the way that Architects view the world can become a tool in itself.

From Vitruvius to Brunelleschi, Architects were artists, scientists, mathematicians, leaders. Diverse knowledge has been traded off by education systems that exclude any work that isn’t related to design and build the essence of the traditional Architect.

Have we forgotten to explore the world in our quest for creating autonomous buildings?

I believe Architecture is a uniquely versatile way of acting on the world. The future of Architecture can be diverse and engaged by expanding the limits of the discipline and offering new paths forward in times of crisis.

As the digital revolution intensifies, the sharing of knowledge and experience can help Architects realize that by pursuing interests, inclinations and passions that diverge from mainstream Architecture.

Even if an alternate route doesn’t seem aligned with the conventional practice of Architecture, connections can be made between them, and those alternative interests can become huge assets in a successful Architecture career.

Not following a conventional process often opens up opportunities that you wouldn’t normally see. In the end, a slight “detour” may lead to a more fulfilling Architecture career. A zigzagging career path may just be the fastest route an Architect can take to success.

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