Architecture: A disguised career.

Sara Kolata
2 min readFeb 16, 2021

There is a huge differentiation between architecture practices in comparison to actual jobs. Reality hits hard when you realize that things are way different than what they told you in school.

A sensible correction to this circumstance should be to reduce the dominance of the traditional and obsolete ways of approaching the career and making them part of a more balanced whole, rather than occupying the central position they occupy today.

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It is necessary to encourage students to become who they want to be. Provide them with the necessary tools to build their future in a more personal way, according to their own interests. Let them know the vastness of opportunities it exists and stop imprisoning students to adapt to a working model that is only profitable for the system.

A system that is built on your hard work, expecting you to prove yourself every step along the way, even if it brings no measurable results.

A system that creates a fear of failure from the very early stage.

A system that propels competition and lays a strong foundation for years of fight, a rat race as you wish- for a position, for recognition, for contribution, for a project, a client and a better salary.

A system that fails.

Where in all of this is personal fulfillment? How this influences our future as Architects?

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